Perfectly Cleaning Services provides cleaning of residential and commercial facilities to our client’s standards. We follow the simple booking plans that are tailored to meet each individual needs and budget. Our 5-Stages working process reflects our values of responsiveness, transparency, and professionalism

Call Us

If you have a cleaning, housekeeping, painting, interlocking, tiling or stoning issue regardless of your problem, simply contact us what you need from us. Solving and fixing your problems is what we do best, and your solution begins by contacting our cleaning & maintenance services.

Cost Estimate


Based on your problem and our suggestion if any, we will give you the estimated cost of your order. There will be no hidden charges, and we will charge after completion of work what both of us agreed in advance unless there is any change in the requirement in later working stages.

Our Professionals Visit the Place

When we are awarded a contract, our professionals and team of experts visit your premise. At this point, we determine the equipment and material needed for the work so that project team can bring cleanliness up to standard. They thoroughly clean every area of your home based on your customized cleaning plan. In case of maid service, it includes final finishing details like straightening lines and emptying the waste bins and giving a fresh look you can be proud of.

Communication is a Priority

Throughout cleaning or other work processes, we remain in touch with clients to ensure the needs of our clients are being met continually.

Pay for Services


After completion of work and satisfaction of the client, the client makes their payment in cash to our engaged project manager or supervisor. Lots of our clients have cash-based business, so we accept payment in cash after completion of services. We also let clients pay with a bank transfer or a check too.


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